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On our Trio Tasting Tour I quite often get asked what is the difference between a craft beer and mainstream beer. My kitchen always comes into mind when I describe the difference as it is a space where lots of creativity happens. Craft breweries are filled with people who create with passion and love and the freedom to create flavourful quality beer made from high quality ingredients. It has distinct flavours, aromas, colours and textures and is brewed in small amounts. Mainstream brewers tend to use more simple sugars and preservatives and they process the beer using pasteurisation to give the beer a longer shelf life. They also ferment the beer quicker and under pressure which causes the yeast to stress and produce toxins. To me a craft beer has the human aspect to it, which the mainstream brewing companies lack.

Our Trio Tasting Tour takes you to our local Microbrewery, The Mudgee Brewing Company. My favourite is their Pale Ale which is made from malted barley, hops, yeast and clean Mudgee water, and is light and refreshing. They blend Australian and imported malted barley, with a bit of SAAZ hops late in the boiling process, to provide a floral aroma and a crisp, clean taste.

The Central Tablelands has some great Microbreweries on offer. I recently asked the brewers in a few of them what was their favourite brew to make and why.

Devils Elbow Brewing Company Dubbo is the first Craft Brewery in Dubbo and is opening April 2019. Brewing Manager Brendan O'Sullivan says "Our favourite beer for our locals in Dubbo will be our DubVegas lager, a mid-strength that appeals to our nearest demographic of customer. However my personal favourite is our Nun Launcher pale Ale, affectionately named after our NASA like, spaceship launching catholic church. A big hoppy, tropical IPA, this one is for our craft beer loving followers." If you want to follow Brendan click here.

Ian Carman from Two Heads Brewing Bathurst says "Cult of Dionysus is a Seasonal Grape Ale brewed in collaboration with family winery Renzaglia based in O'Connell. I love brewing this beer every Autumn with my good friend and Winemaker Sam Renzaglia. When the grapes are ripe it's a great opportunity to get out in the field and help pick a large part of what ends up fermenting in this beer - wine grapes. It's a controversial blend for many who like to argue about which is more refined or better for your health or image - beer or wine? It's about breaking down boundaries and opening minds as much as it is about sharing knowledge between two industries that have so much in common and relatively little dialogue between them. At the end of the day it's great fun; experimental but certainly not unique in the beer industry now; more delicious (and maybe better for your image) than mixing beer and wine together in a glass!! And, yes, it is served cold with bubbles even if it is a Red IPA with a field blend of 8 different Italian Red Grape varieties all in the one glass!" To follow Ian click here

Mark Lockwood from 1859 Brewing Co in Vittoria, says "my favourite is actually a new release. It's a Session ale which I brewed for my little brothers wedding. It's an easy drinking beer with a nice balance. It has also become the favourite of many of our guests at The Beekeepers Inn. It's affectionally named Sam's Session as Samuel married Samantha. A brew made with love. To follow Mark click here

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