Footcrush Feast at Robert Stein Winery

Updated: Jan 17

Have you ever wanted to stomp grapes in a barrel and let them squish between your toes?

Every year at Robert Stein winery that is exactly what they let you do!

Footcrush Feast at Robert Stein Winery
Get in amongst the grapes and crush them with your feet.

Footcrush Feast is a celebration of the new vintage; winemaking, including both modern and old time methods; grape growing; farming and regional produce. It is one of our most popular events at Robert Stein and it is on again on the 12th of March, 2022.

After welcoming you with arrival drinks, Jacob Stein will take you on a short tour to give you an overview of the vineyard, farm & winery, before heading back to the Footcrushing area.

Footcrushing involves hopping into half barrels to crush grapes with your bare feet. Don't worry, towels and water will be supplied so you can wash your feet afterwards.

The dress code for the evening is smart casual.

We suggest wearing something that is above knee-height, or is easy to lift or roll above your knees, as this will make it much easier to get in and out of the half barrels.

We also recommend comfortable shoes, as you will be taken on a tour around the vineyard and farm where the ground can be a little uneven.

We definitely recommend wearing shoes that can come on & off easily!

After all grapes are stomped, guests will move into Pipeclay Pumphouse for a night of delicious food paired with delicious wine.

Pipeclay Pumphouse Restaurant
Perfect food and wine pairings at Pipeclay Pumphouse Restaurant

To celebrate Footcrush this year, we have a tour which begins at 3pm where prior to Robert Stein winery we visit two wineries for wine tasting. We collect you from your accommodation and then drop you back once you are finished at Pipeclay Pumphouse. The tour is all inclusive of tasting fees, the Footcrush event and transfers to and from Mudgee.

Mudgee wine tours
Get a group of friends together and join us!

Tickets on our tour are strictly limited, so don't miss the chance to join us and experience a Mudgee Moment in a truly unique way.

Purchase your tour tickets here.

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