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Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Australia stands out for producing high quality, great tasting lamb. Our unique climate and environment allow the animals to live in their natural state and being a vast island they are protected from a lot of illness and disease.

The lamb industry has been more than 200 years in the making and today our farmers and processors have to meet some of the strictest standards on earth. With the consumer demanding naturally raised, grass-fed lamb with no added hormones, all Australian lamb is now raised to those standards.

Australian lamb
Over 90% of lambs in Australia are grass-fed

Australian sheep and lamb producers are recognised around the world for their animal husbandry and farm management techniques. Sheep producers are now proactively meeting the sustainability challenge by developing the Target 100 initiative to advance sustainable practices and ensure a sustainable food supply for generations to come. It is made up of 100 research and development projects that focus on environmental sustainability and animal welfare, providing producers with the research to implement best-practice techniques on their properties. It also gives you the opportunity to contact the farmer to find out about their farming practices. For more info visit

grass-fed lamb
Grass-fed, grain-fed or organic lamb are all available

When choosing which lamb to buy, there are differences between what is available.

Grass-fed lambs are raised exclusively on grass. It is naturally low in fat and cholesterol. Most Australian lambs are raised this way and the flavour is influenced by seasonal and geographical factors.

Grain-fed lambs are given grain either in the paddock for them to graze on, or they have been finished completely on grain for a number of days before processing. Anyone with Celiac disease or gluten intolerance needs to be aware that grain-fed lamb could be a problem for them and should buy grass-fed lamb.

Organic lamb raised in Australia will appeal to an expanding market of discerning consumers who are looking for natural, healthy alternatives.

Organic lambs are raised on certified organic farms, which is your guarantee that the animal has been raised on completely chemical-free pasture with no artificial pesticides, herbicides or fungicides.

We are very blessed here in Mudgee as we have Farmer George who raises his sheep and lambs with holistic management. George did a holistic management course and has been practising holistic management and cell grazing practices since 2000. This type of management enables him to farm without dependence on chemicals, pesticides and fungicides and by restoring soil and plant health. His flock of ewes are run together and are moved through a cell grazing program involving a new paddock every two to three days. This means a paddock is rested for up to 60 days before the sheep are moved back in and the opportunity for full recovery of grasses in the growing period is achieved. He has 44 paddocks ranging in various sizes.

Lambing occurs in September and the lambs aren't weaned, which means they are left running with the main mob until they are ready for slaughter. George sells his lambs to Sydney with delivery to your door.

Farmer George
Give George a call on 0428 738 292 and order your lamb today!

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