What is so special about old wines?

Old wines have an unmatched charm and an unforgettable taste, no wonder there is a saying, “aging like fine wine”. Chardonnay is a varietal which ages well and is found in Mudgee, one of the finest and oldest wine regions in Australia which has contributed to winemaking since 1858. Nestled between the hills, this countryside town is home to some award-winning vineyards, where you can taste some deliciously aged wines with cheese and crackers to enhance your tasting experience.

aging wine
Age your wines lying down in a cool area.

The intrinsic question- Why are old wines so special?

Let’s find out.

Aging a wine optimally increases the wine quality. Factors contributing to the proper aging of wine include the viticultural techniques, variety of the grapes, style of winemaking, wine area, and vintage. Aging vineyards have some advantages in producing premium wine as the roots of the grapevine run deep owing to which they can absorb more nutrients and take good care of themselves. The fruit is always more concentrated and they attain consistent ripening.

Now, about the aging of wines…

All wines have a time-period where their quality and taste are at its peak. Factors like sunlight, humidity, and temperature play a huge role in the aging of wine. Aging wines should be kept away from sunlight and the optimal temperature to age wine is between 12-18 degrees Celcius. The humidity should be around 70%. The wine bottles are stacked lying down on their sides and are periodically spun to keep the cork moist. If your bottle of wine has a cap you don't need to do this.

A big factor for aging your wine perfectly- Patience! Build your cellar in a way such that you could keep some wine for tasting/drinking and store away some for aging.

To know more about aging wines, visit the beautiful cellar doors in Mudgee namely- Slow Fox, Peterson's, Huntington Estate, Heslop Wines, Lowe Wines, Robert Stein are some acclaimed ones. They house some brilliant varieties of wine with each cellar door having their specialty wines. Our guides also have loads of knowledge so don't forget to book your Mudgee Moments tour with us to enjoy a day out exploring this beautiful region.

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